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FilesAnywhere, the leader in cloud storage introduces CoolBackup – the easiest way to synchronize and backup your data.

Using CoolBackup with, you can easily synchronize your folders, access your files from anywhere, and share files.

CoolBackup is the ideal web-based file solution, whether employed as a stand-alone service or together with additional (or complementary) FilesAnywhere features. File access and backup functionality are also available from your mobile device.

CoolBackup is ideal for the following types of users:

  • Those with disaster recovery priorities
  • Small business owners
  • FilesAnywhere users needing to synchronize across devices

We include the free version of CoolBackup with every FilesAnywhere Paid Personal and Professional plans.


What You Can Do with CoolBackup

With CoolBackup you can:

  • Synchronize file changes in real-time
  • Synchronize or backup complete folder structures in one or both directions
  • Add backup capacity any time as necessary through your FilesAnywhere account
  • Enjoy flexible, reliable backup and synchronization for business servers
  • Protect your data with offsite storage and "point-in-time" backups that enable you to retrieve previous versions of your data
  • Customize your backups with advanced features such as email notifications, and multiple mirroring and scheduling options


Upgrade from CoolBackup to CoolBackup Pro

Upgrade from the regular version of CoolBackup to Professional to take advantage of additional features such as:

  • Schedule backups to run to and from any location:
    • Backup to local hard drive
    • Backup to external hard drive
  • Synchronize with any FTPS or SFTP server
  • Run any backup or synchronization profile in the background as a Windows service

The Professional version is ideal for IT professionals, server administrators, and anyone who needs greater control over backup and synchronization tasks.


Try CoolBackup Pro free for 30 days: Click here


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