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Que: Once a Ticket is Closed how to re-open it?
Ans: The ticket can be re-opened only by the workflow owner. For closed tickets, a Re-open button is available to the workflow owner. He can change the ticket Status from Closed to anything else and click on the Re-open button.

Que: What happens when a Ticket is closed before all its steps are completed?
Ans: When a ticket is in a Closed status, users can only view the ticket, they cannot take any action on the ticket. Such a ticket remains in the closed queue of the assigned user. However, as the ticket flow is not complete yet, the workflow owner can re-open it. Once it is opened again, the assigned user can take action on the ticket.

Que: Once a Ticket is Rejected how to re-open it?
Ans: The status of a Rejected ticket is automatically marked as Closed and it cannot be re-opened.

Que: When do the re-open and re-route buttons appear for a ticket?
Ans: The re-open & re-route operation for a ticket can be performed only by the workflow owner, thus, these buttons appear only when the workflow owner is logged in.
Re-open: When the ticket status is Closed and the ticket flow is not yet complete, the Status field is available to the workflow owner in an enabled mode. The owner can change the ticket status and click the Re-open button to re-open the ticket.
Re-route: When the workflow owner views a ticket, the Assignee field is available to the owner in an enabled mode. The owner can change the assignee and click the Re-route button to assign the ticket to another user.

Que: What is the difference between the New/Open statuses?
Ans: The status of a ticket is New if it has not yet been assigned to any user after it has been created. When gets assigned to someone, its status is automatically changed to Open.

Que: Who is a GUEST user?
Ans: An external person who is not an authenticated user or any person who is not logged in to the account is termed as a GUEST user.

Que: What are Workflow Groups and how are they different from Global Groups?
Ans: In a workflow you can create logical groups of assignees like Managers, Administrators, etc. as per your requirement. A Workflow Group is only available to tickets for the workflow for which it is created and is not available to tickets belonging to any other workflow. It is useful for limiting the number of users available for selection in the assignee field.

Global Groups are the group of users in your account, you can create/edit these groups using the administrative console. The Global Groups are available at the account level and provide you a way to share resources to a group and that resource is available to all the users associated to the group. You may add/remove users from the group and the shared resource will be automatically be available/unavailable to that user. A Global Group is available to all workflows and tickets.


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