New Look: How to Create a GroupShare

GroupShares are a feature you can use to share your folders with other FilesAnywhere users.  By utilizing this feature, you can provide role-based access to the contents of entire folder(s) with a few clicks. With options that allow you to control the way your data is shared, you can create just the right collaborative environment for you and your team.


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GroupShare Overview


1. Select User/Group- This allows you to manually add users or entire groups to a share.

2. Permission-  Allows you to control the type of access that users have to the folders

  • Create & Update: The user can add & modify data, but they cannot delete any data.
  • Full Access: Users can add, modify, and delete data.
  • Master Access: Users can add, modify, delete, and share this GroupShare with other users.
  • Preview Only: The user can only preview data.
  • Read Only: The user can only preview and download data.  They cannot modify or delete data.
  • Upload Only: The user can only upload data.

3. Expiration Time:  Allows a time to be set, after which the GroupShare is no longer shared.

4. Add User/Group- After entering the users and or groups this button adds them to the share.

5. Remove Selected User/Group:  Allows the selected users/groups to be removed from the share.

6. Notify the user by email when adding them to share:  Allows the users added to the GroupShare, to receive an email notification when they are added to the share.

7, Stop Share:  Completely stops the share.

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How to create a GroupShare 

1. Log into your account

2. Right-click on the folder that you wish to share.

3. Select GroupShare from the drop-down.



4.   Enter in your Contact in the Select User/Group or select the contact button


The contact button will bring you to a contact list. Here you can search your contacts or select on from the list. 



5.  Next you will want to select the permissions you want for the share.  



6,  Select your expiration date or enter a custom expiration date.



7. Select add user/group. Then select close.



8. Your folders and files are now being shared to a group.

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