New Look: How to GroupShare a folder

By creating a GroupShare, you can provide access to the contents of entire folder(s) with other users. With options that allow you to control the way your data is shared, you can create just the right collaborative environment. 

How to create a GroupShare:

To create a GroupShare

1. Log in to your FilesAnywhere account.

2. Select the folder that you are going to Share.


3. Right-Click on your selected folder and navigate to GroupShare

4.  This will open your GroupShare Settings. With the GroupShare settings open select User/Group



5. This will allow you to select users or pre-existing groups to add to the share.

6. Once your users/groups are selected you will return to  GroupShare settings.

7. Next, you will want to select a permission type.

  • Read Only: The user cannot modify/delete any data
  • Full Access: User Can modify/delete GroupShare data
  • Create/Update: The user can add/modify data but cannot delete any GroupShare data.
  • Master Access: The user can add/modify/delete data. They can also share this GroupShare with other users.
  • Preview Only: The User can only preview data.
  • Upload Only: The User can only upload data.



8. Now, you will want to select the Expiration date for the GroupShare. (Note: The GroupShare will become inaccessible after the expiration date.)

9. Once you set the expiration Click on Add User/Group

10. You will see a message at the top of the GroupShare and your Users/Groups should now  Show in the Shared Users box.

11. Select Close in the bottom right and your GroupShare is done!


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