FilesAnywhere Company History

FilesAnywhere Company History

FilesAnywhere is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Immediatek, Inc. (IMKI), a Mark Cuban company, based in the Dallas area.

Immediatek, Inc.

A pioneer in cloud storage technology, FilesAnywhere experienced continuous, profitable growth since opening for business in 1999. The service became popular with IT professionals and early adopters, receiving numerous accolades from well-known publications, including PC Magazine, PC Today, and ConsumerGuide. Being profitable and an original force in a hot market made FilesAnywhere an attractive property for several high-profile investors. Seeing the potential in 2005, Mark Cuban, owner of championship team Dallas Mavericks and Internet billionaire, joined with founders Tim Rice and Chetan Jaitly as an owner of FilesAnywhere through a private investment.  In 2010, FilesAnywhere's operating company, "Officeware Corporation" completed a reverse merger of public company Immediatek, Inc., and the company is now publicly traded (IMKI).

Officeware Corporation

Founded in 1995, Officeware Corporation is a Texas "C" Corporation, now wholly-owned by Immediatek. Launched as an information systems consulting firm, Officeware specialized in creating web-based services, transaction systems, and high-performance database systems for businesses and government organizations. With its performance record, client roster, and understanding of advanced interconnected systems design, Officeware was uniquely positioned to create and host a reliable, secure cloud storage service, which was years ahead of its time.


Born on July 4, 1999, FilesAnywhere is headquartered in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. FilesAnywhere is one of the world’s leading providers of remote file storage for consumers and corporations, and the sole survivor among cloud-based storage companies that launched an industry in the late 90's. From the beginning, FilesAnywhere transformed the way people store and share digital files. Today, the company continues to offer simple, powerful, connected solutions, with exceptional security and customer service. 

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