IPHONE UPDATE: Install the New App Update - iOS 8 Compatible

Sept 22, 2014

Install the latest FilesAnywhere 2015 for Your iPhone or iPad

This update has been tested with the latest iOS version 8 and iOS ver 7.1.2 versions.
IMPORTANT: This includes a fix for phones running iOS 7.1 or higher which caused the app to lockup after multiple logins.

Try our awesome new iPhone app for FilesAnywhere, and unbox the power of the cloud. The 2014 FilesAnywhere smartphone app has been re-engineered from the ground up to provide the fastest, most powerful cloud file storage features ever.

Combining 15 years of advancements since we started, the new app lets you do all of the following with your FREE FilesAnywhere account...

iOS App Feature Summary:
- Upload photos, videos, and audio.
- Download any kind of file.
- Preview all known picture types.
- Open multi-tab spreadsheets.
- Open all known document types.
- Stream Play all known video types.
- Stream Play all known audio types.
- Receive Files of any size from anyone using a web link.
- Share any file, files, or entire folders to anyone.
- Share entire folders to other users with permissions.
- Group commenting and collaboration on folders.
- Lock files for editing with Version Control check-out.
- Send faxes to any fax machine.
- Receive faxes with dedicated fax number (business plan).
- Local file cache for offline viewing.
- Optional App Password locking.
- Purge local files, from web login (if phone is left somewhere).
- Open In feature allows uploading integration from other apps - direct your uploads to specific cloud folders!
- Search (powerful!!), searches file names, folder names, text inside files, dates, file type, comments, and metadata such as author, location, or song title.
- Copy/Paste.
- Document page thumbnail flipping.
- Zoom in/out.
- Advanced properties.
- File Sharing defaults.
- Free Backup / Sync app for your desktop (CoolBackup for Windows/Mac).
- Document editing, Document Lifecycle Management, Metadata, Web Forms, Email Robot, and so much more when used with the desktop web login.


Official Announcement
Read our official announcement on Google+

Ready to think outside the box?
Install the app today!


"Can I install it on my iPad?"
Yes! You can install the new iPhone app on your iPad or iPad Mini device too! The resolution is fantastic and the functionality is the same.
"How do I...?"
Contact our extremely helpful support team the moment you have a question: 
Email support:
Phone support (8am-8pm Dallas): 972-893-3301 

Thank you from the FilesAnywhere Team!!

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