Prior Charge Notice Email

Prior Charge Notice Email

Perhaps you've received this email and are wondering what it is.

FilesAnywhere : Prior to Charge Notice

Dear Customer,

This email is to notify that your FilesAnywhere Account is due for payment
on Jan. 01 3013.

Below are the details of the Account and mode of payment:

Account Name:
Plan Selected:
5 GB ($79.40/Yearly)
Payment Mode:
Credit Card
Credit Card:
Charge Amount:

Thank you for your prompt attention. For any question, queries or
assistance regarding this issue, please contact our Support Team.

This type of email is simply to inform you that your account is going to be charged.  It is sent out typically two weeks prior of the charge date on annual or longer accounts.  No action is required on your part, we just don't want to catch anyone off guard with your recurring billing cycle.

Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about logging in, please contact us. FilesAnywhere LIVE customer support is available weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Our customer support is always free, and all engineers are located at our headquarters in the US. 

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