CloudSync - Known Issues

Here are a list of all known issues within the CloudSync application.


Unable to login

  • Password limit cannot exceed 15 characters or you will get incorrect username and password prompt.


  • Newly assigned GroupShares will need to be manually added from the Selective Sync window.
    When you are assigned a new GroupShare, you will need to go to the Selective Sync button in the Settings tab and make sure to enable syncing for it if you wish to have it sync to your machine.
  • Only Full Access, Master Access, and Read-Only GroupShares display within the app.
    Currently the app does not support the following Groupshare types: Create & Update, Preview Only, and Upload Only.

Selective Sync Folder Behavior

  • »InBox« and VersionHistory system folders are not supported.
    These system folders will not display within the Selective Sync list on the app.
  • Adding a folder in the cloud is the only way to include it in the Selective Sync list for selection.
    Currently, when performing a selective sync, if you attempt to add new folders outside of the selected folders, they will not appear in the Selective Sync selection list.  You will have to add the folders in the cloud first, then enable them for syncing and update the contents locally after they have synced.

  • Can't sync folders/files locally outside of selective sync folders.
    Due to the nature of Selective Sync, you can't add a folder/file outside of the Selective Sync folders and expect it to sync.  You'll have to add the folder/items inside of the folders you have selected in order for them to sync.

  • Do not attempt to rename your root folder locally.
    This will usually result in breaking the sync.  The root folder cannot be renamed in the cloud and should not be renamed on your local machine.

  • Read-Only GroupShares will not sync any local changes.
    Currently, when a Read-Only GroupShare is synced, it will only sync changes originating from the cloud.
  • Transitioning from Selective to Full Sync or visa versa.
    If you switch from a full sync to a selective sync, or visa versa, the system will perform an archive of the current local data and then perform a sync from the cloud down to your machine.
  • Unable to rename folders locally that are selected for syncing.
    When you attempt to rename a folder locally that is selected directly for syncing, the folder will be deleted from your current location and the folder will be unchecked in the Selective Sync options.
    1. You will need to open the Selective Sync under the Settings tab and re-select the folder that was removed and click Update.
    2. If you wish to rename a folder that you are syncing, you'll need to log into your account through the browser interface and rename the folder there first.  The application will then register the change in the cloud and update the folder name locally. This is only necessary for the primary folders being synced, sub-folders are able to be renamed locally.


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