CloudSync - How To View And Access Your Exceptions List

are what occur when files or folders are unable to be synced up to or down from the cloud.  They are compiled into an exceptions list that tells you why each item failed and what steps, if any, should be done to resolve the issue.


Navigating to the Exceptions List


There are two ways to reach the Exceptions list.

  1. Pull up the app and click on the Help tab.  Then click on the View Exceptions button.


  2. Right-click on the CloudSync icon in the system tray

    Then select View Exceptions from the list.



Using the Exceptions List

Once you pull up the Exceptions list, it will look like this:



From here you can do the following:

  • Under the Name column, you can click on the item name in order to be taken directly to it's location on your local machine.
  • Under the Reason column, you can view the exception number, description, and resolution suggested for this exception.
  • You can click the Back button to return to the Status tab.


  • You can select the item you wish to retry and press the Retry button.


  • You can attempt to retry all the exceptions in the list by clicking on the Retry All button.


  • If there are more than one page of exceptions, you can navigate to the other pages by clicking on the navigation buttons below.


Still Have Questions?

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