CloudSync - Creating A FileShare Link


When you open up your CloudSync folder, you will be able to right-click on any file/folder and create a FileShare link.  This will allow you to share files/folders from your account with anyone.


  1. Navigate to the folder/file you want to create a FileShare link for and right-click.  Navigate to CloudSync -> Send FileShare link.
  2. Once you click on Send FileShare link, the Create FileShare link window will appear.
    From here you can perform the following:
    • You can enable a password for the link.
    • You can create a link to copy and paste into your email message using the Create Link button.
    • You can send the link with Outlook, which will create a new email message and insert the link, by using the Send with Outlook button.
    • You can send the link via our system by using the Send Link button.


Create Link - Generates a general link for you to use.


You can copy this link and send it to the intended recipient(s).


Send Link - Allows you to send a link using our system.


  • You can enter the email addresses you wish to send links too
  • You can select your sent from address
  • You can adjust the subject and message fields to your liking..


Once the link has been sent, you will be presented with a confirmation screen.



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