CloudSync - Issue: Unable To Login

Issue: On startup of the CloudSync app, the user is unable to login and receives the following message:




The user's internet connection is up and running but CloudSync is not able to communicate to the server.



  1. Verify that through browser window user is able to communicate successfully with server.
    a)      Open browser window.
    b)      Verify that the FilesAnywhere API server URL is accessible from your browser:
    c)       If above URL is working properly and the page displays, then problem could be due to settings applied at the Firewall level.
  2. Verify the Firewall settings of the local machine:
    a)      Navigate to Control Panel
    b)      In the top right search box type Firewall:
    c)       Click on Windows Firewall
    d)      Verify which profile of firewall is active, it depend to which network you are connected, accordingly it will be either the Public or Private profile.
    e)      Click on Advanced Settings:
    f)       Click on Windows Firewall Properties
    g)      Verify the values of the inbound and outbound connections for all profiles (Domain, Private, and Public). it should be set to default values
              Inbound connections: Block (default)
              Outbound connections: Allow (default):
    h)      If above values are changed set it to default and click on Apply and OK.
    i)       Now that you've made the following changes, check to see if you can sign into CloudSync.


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