Security Announcement - Browser Compatibility Change - May 25th, 2015

Security Announcement

In our ongoing efforts to keep FilesAnywhere the most secure possible and compliant with the latest security standards, as of May 25th, 2015 FilesAnywhere will no longer be able to provide support for the following browsers: 


Any FilesAnywhere users using Safari 6 for Mac OS X 10.8, or lowerwill need to upgrade their OS X and Safari version; or use a different supported browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Any FilesAnywhere users using IE 6-8 for windows server 2003, or IE 7-9 on Vista/server 2008, will have to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or higher; or use a different supported browser such as Chrome or Firefox

In addition to affecting users, please be aware that this will also affect any FileShare and FileReceive recipients.


Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. If you have any questions at all, please contact our support line at 1 (888) 661-6565 or by email at


Thank you, 

FilesAnywhere Team

1 (888) 661-6565

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