FilesAnywhere Paid Personal Plan

Overview: FilesAnywhere Paid Personal Plan

Need more than just cloud storage? You've come to the right place! Who knew 20GB (or more) of storage could do so much? The FilesAnywhere Personal plan not only offers a flexible solution with the option of adding additional subaccounts, but you also get enhanced features that allow you to share files and folders, collaborate, as well as create libraries of photos, videos, and music.

We've listed just a few of the awe-inspiring features that come with the Personal plan:

  • Customize storage from 20 to 200 GB. 
  • Unlimited downloads, FileShare links, and FileReceive Links.
  • Unlimited inbound faxes (with 2+ user account), and up to 500 outbound faxes within the U.S. or 100 outbound faxes internationally.
  • Email attachments that upload directly to your account.
  • Use WebDAV to open and edit remote folders from your local machine.
  • Data Restore
  • FTP and SFTP to quickly and easily upload large files to your FilesAnywhere account
  • CoolBackup for seamless, safe, automatic sync and backup.
  • Go to our website to learn more!

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