Account Upgrades & Features

Interested in upgrading? Here are the features included in all accounts, separated by account type. 


Standard Account Features:

  • No File Size Limit: There is no limit to the size of the files uploaded/downloaded or sent from your account.
  • Group Sharing Collaboration: Allows a user to share a folder (and its contents) to another FilesAnywhere user. Once a folder is shared, users can access the folder in their account just like it was one of their own.
  • Send Large Files to Non-Members: Send large files or even folders though fully customizable FileShare links to non-members. Secure your links by enabling password protection, autoexpiration, view only options or limiting downloads. Keep an audit trail by tracking each activity, receiving automatic notification, accepting signature and checkbox approval.
  • Receive Large Files from Non-members: Receive large files and entire folders though fully customizable FileReceive links to non-members. Secure your links by enabling password protection and auto-expiration. Keep an audit trail by tracking each activity and receiving automatic new file notification.
  • Password Protected Sharing: Users can protect the links they send out with a password, thus, securing their shared downloads and ensuring safe delivery to the recipient.
  • Document Editor with Real Time File Collaboration: Online Zoho document editor allows users to edit documents without downloading them and re-uploading them. Save time and edit online using the Zoho Editor. Users can also send an invitation to collaborate and edit the same document at the same time. Multiple users can work on one document in real time instead of waiting on the newest version of the document to be saved and made available.
  • Mobile Access & Apps: Download mobile apps for your smart phones or tablets, or use your mobile browser. Never be without your files anywhere you go.
  • Customizable eForms and Online Surveys: Fully customizable eForms for data capture, surveys, collection forms and anything else imaginable. Utilizing these forms can streamline any process that requires collecting information, uploading files or even downloading them.
  • Assign Metadata: Design your own custom fields and assign metadata tags to search and filter your files and folders. The built-in file metadata, e.g. the name of the artist in a song, is automatically recognized by the system.
  • Tags: Assign tags to files and folders for quick search.
  • Point-in-Time Data Restore: Snapshots of all accounts are taken at 11:00PM every day and are stored for thirty days. These snapshots can be used to restore data which may have been accidentally deleted.
  • Email Robot: This feature, once enabled, allows users to upload and download files from your account simply by sending an email (without being logged in to the account). There are different commands which are used in the subject line to perform uploads, downloads and even searches.
  • Check in/Check Out: Users can check out a file which prevents anyone else from downloading it before the newer version is checked back in. This feature prevents users from accidentally overwriting a co-worker's changes.
  • Virtual Folders: Enables users to create a folder to store all of their frequently accessed items without rearranging the folder structure as a whole. This virtual folder is useful for creating a favorites folder or grouping sets of data.
  • Electronic Faxing: Faxing service is available to all paid users enabling them to send faxes from their account.
  • File Tracking: Maintains a record of actions performed in the account e.g. files being moved, deleted, uploaded and edited. Never wonder what happened to a missing file or how a file was mysteriously downloaded.
  • File Versioning: Saves older versions of files when new ones are uploaded or the file is edited or altered. Stop worrying about overwriting files and losing important data on the old version.
  • Disable Delete: Option, to safeguard specific folders.
  • Guest Subfolders: Create subfolders automatically when guests upload files to your account.
  • View-Only Access: Protect files while sharing by disabling downloads and printing. Place a “Confidential” or custom watermark on any document or image being shared.
  • Upload-Only Access: Protect files in your account by providing upload only access.
  • Search Metadata & Tags: Use the search function to search by Metadata or Tags applied to any files or folders. The search offers multiple ways to quickly and efficiently sort through your data.
  • File Preview: View documents, videos, music or other files in your account, online, right in the browser (without downloading them).
  • Preview AutoCad Files: View any (.dwf) files in your account anywhere in the world.
  • Video Streaming: Watch uploaded movies, clips and even send streaming videos to people on the internet. View them online, right in the browser, without leaving FilesAnywhere.
  • Audio Streaming: Stream music directly from your account, without leaving FilesAnywhere.
  • Auto Expiring Links: FileShare and FileReceive links can be set to expire automatically. The time of expiry may be set at the user’s discretion.
  • Photo Editor: Aviary photo editor allows users to make changes to pictures uploaded to their account. Easily make quick changes or adjustments to files that are uploaded into the account.
  • Convert Video Formats: Convert video to different formats. No need to download them, use a tool to convert and then upload them back.
  • Convert Documents & Images to PDF: Convert documents and images to pdf format, without downloading them, right from your account.
  • File LifeCycle Management:  Users can define global purge rules that will delete files after a specified period of time. The lifecycle rule is useful for removing data that becomes sensitive after a certain period of time.
  • Manage Folder Access Keys: Allows automated programs to upload files into a destination folder without requiring login credentials.
  • API Access: Write your own programs to access and use FilesAnywhere.
  • Upload Entire Folders: Using the Multi-upload feature, users can transfer the entire contents of a folder (including subfolders) from their local computer to their FilesAnywhere account (while maintaining the original folder structure). Users can even drag and drop files on to the FilesAnywhere interface from their local computer and upload multiple files with just one click of the mouse.
  • Download Multiple Files:  Using the Multiple File Download feature, users can select multiple files and then download all of them at once with just one click of the mouse.
  • Download Entire Folders: This feature automatically adds all the files from a folder into one compressed zip file prior to downloading.
  • Multi-Select Actions: : Allows you to select multiple files and perform Upload, download, move, copy and share actions
  • E-Send: Send files instantly to another user’s FilesAnywhere Inbox.
  • Context Menu: A right-click menu provides an easy to use interface for performing common tasks.
  • Service Plugins: FilesAnywhere Service Plugins add even more great features to your account. You can enable or disable from any of the included services e.g. FilesAnywhere Fax Service, Zoho Editor for Spreadsheets, Documents, Slideshows, Aviary Photo Editor, Posting, Autodesk Engineering Drawing Viewer, Posting and Twitter Backup.   
  • Contacts & Team: Manage your contacts and teams.
  • Shared Folder Report:  Export a list of shared folders.
  • Folder Contents Report: Export the contents of your folder in excel format.
  • Folder Tree View: Easy to use file and folder structure. Create and organize multiple layers of folders for all your content.
  • Graphical View: View your files grouped by Tags, File Type, Extension, Size, Year, Month or Day
  • Email Notifications: Users can customize and receive email notifications on activity in their account
  • Sign Documents: Users can now use Adobe EchoSign to manage digital signatures on secure documents.
  • U.S. Based Phone Support


Paid Personal & Professional Account Features: added to the standard features, the professional and paid personal accounts also include:

  • FTP/SFTP, SSH, SSL/TSL: Connect to your account using different connection types. These methods offer reliability, security and the freedom to use your favorite SFTP client.
  • AES 256 Encrypted Backup: Professional Accounts Only - Rest assured that your files are secure in the cloud encrypted with a strong 256-bit AES algorithm.
  • Automated Customizable sync: Using our CoolBackup program users may create multiple profiles to automatically backup local files to FilesAnywhere and even sync folders. Run backup/sync jobs as a Windows Service.
  • Cloud Sync: Professional Accounts Only - Easily synchronize files and folders from your FilesAnywhere account to your computer.
  • WebDAV Drive Mapping: Access your cloud storage just like a local drive. Directly open and edit remote files using WebFolders.
  • At Rest Encryption: Professional Accounts Only - Files are safe and secure at rest using an AES 256-bit encryption.   
  • Custom Branding: White label accounts are available and ready to brand with your company logo and color theme.
  • Dedicated Domain: Use a custom domain to display your branding in the URL.
  • Administration Console: Maintain control of your users via our centralized administration console. With the level of control over the users and updates in real time, all concerns disappear with the security of the console.
  • Role-Based Access control: Role-based security is implemented in the administration console for Professional and Enterprise accounts, in the form of Group-to-Folder permission assignments. Role-based-access-control (RBAC) is a widely accepted security control standard, reducing the time to apply and accurately maintain user permissions on specific folders, by assigning predefined lists of users with authorized access (also known as an ACL or Access Control List).
  • Reporting & Notifications: Receive notifications for user actions and create customized reports to get the metrics needed to improve efficiency. Get a complete audit trail of all activities in realtime on the company files. Generate reports and export data in multiple formats.
  • Tiered Pricing Available: Choose a plan that best fits your needs and business model. Even if you aren’t sure what you need, give us a call and we’ll find a plan that best suits your needs.
  • Outlook Add-In: Send files directly from your Outlook client. There’s no need to juggle between the web interface and Outlook when you can just use one.
  • Audit Logging: Track every single activity on a file.
  • Automatic OCR: Professional Accounts Only -Automatically extract text from documents and images and prepare them for Full Text Search in millions of files and terabytes of text.
  • Full Text Search: Our system will automatically process the text in files which makes them searchable. Save time searching for files when you can run a quick search and grab what you need.
  • Password Policy: Set a custom password policy such as: require strong password; require changing of password at next logon; automatically expire a password after a certain number of days, etc.
  • Manage Groups: Create your own user groups for company, departments or project teams. Set folder access permissions for these groups.
  • Password Management: Password-protect and set expiration dates for FileShare and FileReceive links. Set password security policies and require users to reset passwords periodically and on initial login.
  • Mobile Access Management: Reset mobile cache through centralized administration console.
  • Security and Permissions: Assign which folders, individuals and user groups can access. Designate access permissions, including Master Access, Full Access, Create and Update, Read Only, Preview Only and Upload Only. Decide what permissions users can grant on shared files and folders. SSL encryption on data transfers is standard with every account. Get 256-bit AES encryption at rest for professional and enterprise accounts.
  • Real Time Activity Feeds: Professional Accounts Only - Administrators can view their notification feed from the Administrative Console.
  • Email Notification: Users can set email notifications on folders within their account.
  • Active Directory Integration: Professional Accounts Only
  • Single Sign On: Professional Accounts Only -Users can sign in with their SSO credentials when accessing FilesAnywhere.


Enterprise Features: along with the features above, our Enterprise accounts also include the following:

  • VIP Support
  • Custom Development
  • Complete White Label Service
  • Dedicated Virtual Server
  • On-Premise Cloud Solution


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