Creating a Subfolder

Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating a Subfolder

If you're like us, you have lots of files. What's a FilesAnywhere user to do? Neatly organize data into subfolders, of course! You can create any number of subfolders in any structure that you wish. Subfolders with subfolders? Sure, categorize away! It's easy to make new folders with our intuitive user interface and  familiar functionality. In fact, it just takes a few clicks. Simply select the parent folder and then follow one of the two methods below.

Let's Get Started:

Create a New Folder using the Toolbar

1. Select the parent folder.


2. Click on New Folder in the toolbar.



3. You'll be prompted to enter the new folder name. Then click OK.


4. Your new folder will appear in the folder tree.


Create a New Folder by Right Clicking

1. Right click on the parent folder and select New Folder.


2. You'll be prompted to enter the new folder name. Then click OK.


3.  Your new folder will appear in the folder tree.


Important Information About Creating a Subfolder

  • Once you have created a new folder, the screen will automatically refresh displaying the new folder in the folder tree. This may take a few moments. 
  • New folders may also be created in a GroupShare in which you have full access. 
  • Try to use only alphanumeric characters and spaces in file and folder names to avoid problems.
  • Certain special characters are not supported in the remote file or folder name, such as \ / .. < > # % & " '. Though your operating system may allow special characters,  they may not be allowed by FilesAnywhere. Browsers might interpret some character combinations as executable codes, and for security reasons, should not be included in file or folder names.


Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about creating a subfolder, please contact us.

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