Sending a Fax

Step-by-Step Instructions: Sending a Fax from Your FilesAnywhere Account

Need to send a fax, but don't have a fax machine? No problem! Every paid FilesAnywhere account is able to send outbound faxes. It's simple, efficient, secure, and free!

Let's Get Started:

1. Login to FilesAnywhere.

2. Select the Share tab next to My Documents.


3. Click the Send Fax option under the Send and Receive section.


4. Use the Browse Files button to select files.


 5. Once you have chosen your file(s), select and fill in the appropriate fields within the tabs such as Sender Details and Cover Page tabs.







6. Click the Send Fax button.


7. A prompt then lets you know your fax is being sent, and you'll receive an email with confirmation of your fax status.


8. To view the Fax History log:
  A. Press the View Sent Faxes button on the bottom left of the current screen.



  B. Click on the Share tab at the top next to My Documents, and under the Manage section, press Fax Log.


9. The Fax History Log will display a list of all sent and received faxes.


Important Information About Faxing with Your FilesAnywhere Account:

  • Free accounts are allowed a maximum of 10 outbound faxes a month.
  • Web Basic and Web Advanced plans are allowed up to 500 outbound domestic faxes, or 100 outbound international faxes per month

Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about logging in, please contact us.

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