Converting Documents and Images to PDF

FilesAnywhere allows users to convert any image or document to PDF.  This is very helpful for documents that are required to be in PDF format or for faxing.  It is usually best to convert an image to PDF before faxing, depending on the original size of the image.

First, go to Tools.  There you will have the option to select Convert Docs to PDF or Convert Images to PDF, as seen below.



Once you have selected which method you wish to use, you can follow the steps below to create the PDF.

1. Browse your FilesAnywhere account to find the document you wish to convert to PDF.  Make sure you have already uploaded it to your account.

2. You have the option to select where the converted document goes.  Default is the root folder.

3. Hit Create PDF, and you're done.



Note: When converting images to PDF, you have the option to select what display size you'd like it to be.



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