How to Use Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition is a powerful tool available to all Private Site clients. OCR, for short, processes the text in image files (.jpeg, .tiff, .bmp, .png .raw) and PDFs such as bank statements, receipts, mail, or any other printed records. 

When a document is uploaded the FilesAnywhere OCR system will automatically index the file. The OCR technology also allows users to view the text in file directly in the FilesAnywhere web interface, search text in file using the advanced search features, or even view the text in file.  

Beyond the basic functionality provided by the OCR system, it also allows users to use the text in file search with Boolean operators, combinations, and other key commands to better control searches. To learn more about Advanced Text Searches click here


To get started using these features follow the steps outlined below:

1. Upload any files to user account. Click on Advanced Options of file. Click on More Options and select View Text Inside File.



2.  Click View Text Inside File to view the text. 



Note: You can also use the search for look for specific strings of Text In Files


3. Type in the word or phrase and then click Search.


4. Click on the View Text Inside link display the text inside the file. Searched text is highlighted inside the file content.


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