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The new admin console is the culmination of over a dozen years of tuning into our business customers, listening to IT directors and group managers. These leaders all said they needed to manage cloud storage, users, roles, global security and group access with maximum leverage of their time, productivity, and control. 

Our engineers responded, with our 4th generation cloud management console. This is a collection of advanced management features that function and respond the way you need management tools to respond when you find you have zero time and a massive project to get completely launched today. We should have named it the "Get it Done Now" Console!

The new FilesAnywhere administrator dashboard gives you all of the access and information you need in a single view to manage your organization's private cloud. The efficient dashboard provides you with key highlights about your storage and users at a glance, by dimensions that are most important to you. You can also see the most recent user and file activity notifications in real-time, filter system activity by user name and more!


    1. From the dashboard the administrator can quickly add Users, Administrators, Groups, or Divisions
    2. Dropdowns choose the dimension of each donut graph. The admin can view storage used, how the users are spread across divisions or groups, and what the current trend is in files uploaded, by size, date, custom tag, general type, extension, or uploaded user.  
    3. Account Info shows globally how many users accounts are active out of the total available licenses, and how much space is used out of the total available cloud storage. 
    4. The Summary section displays a real-time count of all major system metrics: Total Users, Folders, Files, Groups, Divisions, Shares, External File Share Links, and File Receive Links. 
    5. Notifications are displayed and scrolled across all accounts in real-time. 



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Download this handy Quick Start Guide, containing everything you need to get started using the new admin console:




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