GroupShare Access Permissions

When creating GroupShares the folder owner may denote varying levels of access to more efficiently guide the company's workflow or the user's needs while simultaneously protecting their data. There are six levels of permission which are explained in detail below.

*NOTE: This example begins under the 'My Documents' tab. *



 1. Right click on the intended folder

2. Select Properties -> Advanced properties- (these steps will take you to the screen below):



Full Access - Allows users to view, create, update, and delete files in the shared folder.  This provides general access and usability of the folder, though it prevents the folder itself from being shared and the recipient is unable to modify the folder settings.

Create and Update -  Allows users to view, create, upload, preview, and update/edit files in the shared folder.

Read Only - Allows users to view files in the shared folder and download the files. Users are unable to upload, edit, or modify the folder or its contents.

Master Access - Grants the users to view, create, update, delete, and Groupshare your folders.

Preview Only - Prevents users from downloading any type of the file, though they are able to view them using the FilesAnywhere previewer. 

Upload Only - Only allows users to upload the files. They are unable to preview, download, or edit them.


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