Moving Files and Folders

Organization is an important part of FilesAnywhere; to help you stay organized we have a few ways to move your files and folders and they're all listed below. If you accidentally upload a file or folder to the wrong location, or you need to move something, to another directory, we make it easy for you. 

Move Command

To move folders and files in List, Icon, and Tree View select Options (usually a gear icon) and then click Move. Then select the destination and the file will relocate itself. That's it!

*NOTE: Types of views can be located on the gray bar at the top right.*

List View


Tree View





Icon View


Move Command Window



Dragging and Dropping

Click and hold a file/folder and drag it onto another folder. This feature works in the List View and Tree View. 

List View


Tree View



Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions please contact us. FilesAnywhere customer support is available weekdays 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CST. Our customer support is always free, and all engineers are located at our headquarters in the US. 


Last Updated: 06/10/2015 By: Ana O. 

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