History Tab Overview

The Choose Activity drop down menu provides three ways to review past account actions in specific folders (as selected on the far right) with the option of including subfolders. These three selections are File History/Link Tracking, Checkin/Checkout History, and Currently Checked Out Files. Further, users may search for a specific file in the folder or even select a filter. 

The results in the bottom display the user that performed the action, the action itself, date of the action, the File Name, the File Size, the File Path, and finally email on the far right side. 

Look over the graphical overview and it's corresponding descriptions below.



A.) Sort displayed data by File History/Link Tracking, Checkin/Checkout History, and Currently Checked Out Files.

B.) Selected folder's contents to be displayed.

C.) Export generates a Version history report to be viewed in either HTML or as a downloadable Excel document. 

D.) Search files with the option of using date ranges for a more specific search. 

E.) Click the plus icon in the box to pull up a list of filters as shown in the image below.


F.) Move forwards or backwards to view additional files displayed on separate pages. 


Note: When versioning is enabled for a folder, files inside that folder will have hyperlinks associated with versions of a file.  Please note that if files with versioning are deleted, then the versions (and hyperlinks) will be removed as well.


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