Administrative Console - Enabling Google Docs For A User

Google Docs Editor offers simplicity in editing your documents in Excel or Word directly from your account. This plugin also features a viewing option for PowerPoint presentations which opens in the Google editor and allows you to save changes to any XLS or DOC file completely online! Enabling is simple and straight forward following these easy steps:


 1. Click on the Users tab located at the top of the screen.



2. Select Users on the drop-down meunu.



3. Select the intended user account name



4. Select Plugins from the menu on the left.



*Note* - This will take you to the service plugins page. Here, you are able to view the different plugins available to manage and customize as well.  


 5. Click on the ON/OFF toggle. When selected, the toggle will change to green, indicating you have enabled Google Docs Editing.



 6. To finalize your settings, click Save and Close from either the top or bottom of the Plugins page.



If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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