Administrative Console - Custom View Settings For A New User


  1. Login to your Administration Console:
  2. Navigate to the Add Users button located on the upper left of the screen.
  3. Once you have reached the Add User page, navigate to and click on User View settings on the left.
  4. In the Interface Setting section you are able to choose the View Type. (View type allows you to choose which display tabs the user is able to see/use.)

    *Note- this setting will add/remove the display tabs located at the top of the screen at the User level, eliminating the action/tool. At a granular level, the administrator has the ability to disable view settings based on category (such as Share, E-forms, Tools, etc.)*



Display Tabs:

Share- allows the user to be able to share data such as Send/Receive, GroupShare, Fax, and the ability to use service plugins. (By checking the Share tab, this will auto-enable the Tools tab as the service Plugins work as a sharing tool.)




eForms- allows your users to create surveys and forms, questionnaires and quizzes, design forms, send them to anyone, collect/manage responses, and analyze the information.



Tools- allows the user to manage contacts, view/share reports, tools to organize the account, auto grouping, and a technical section that offers a Developer API Key sign up.




History- gives the user the ability to keep a log of all that is being shared. If you choose to remove this tab from your user, they will not have the tracking features for Fileshare/FileRecieve links, Checkin/Checkout History, or currently checked out files.



**Keep in mind that if you have chosen not to give access to certain tabs, enabling specific features will automatically enable the tab it is associated with. For Example, if the Tools tab has been disabled and you choose to allow Service Plugins, the service plugins will auto-enable the Tools tab.**






Lastly, if you would like to prevent the user from customizing their Tabs, you can simply select the check box: Do not allow user to update custom view settings. This will prevent the user from making any changes to their Tabs.


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