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Six new fields added to eForms

Six new fields are added to the eForms under the Advanced Fields section

*Note: The Field Label of these fields cannot be changed and these fields can be added only once to a form*

  1. Subject

    This is where you can assign a title to the eForm that correlates with the data you are entering.
  2. Assigned To

    A. Users can add eForm Group and Assignee by clicking the + icon.
    B. Once added, the eForm Group and Assignee can be seen in the dropdowns.
    C. While defining the field, user can select an eForm Group or Assignee and that will be Default value for the field.
    D. User can hide the eForm Group field, if they want to add only the Assignee field to the form, by checking the Hide Groups checkbox.
  3. Status

    A. This field is always required and once added to the form user has to set its value.
    B. Users can add or manage Status by clicking the + icon.
    C. A few statuses are added by default. User can uncheck the status which they don’t want to be displayed in the status dropdown.
    D. New, Open and Closed statuses are required and cannot be removed.
    E. User can add new Status by typing the text and clicking the + icon.
    F. User can change the order of the custom statuses.
  4. Priority

    Priority values are kept fixed Low, Normal, High and Urgent.
  5. Due Date
    This is where you can add a date that the contents of the submission are due.
  6. Comment
    A. Along with the comment text users can attach files as well.
    B. While defining the Comment field, user can change the folder in which the attachments will be saved.

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Enhanced Security Settings to manage Group and User Permissions

Within Step 4 of 4. Here the Security option in the eForm Settings is changed to Users & Security.

This option now has 3 tabs Security, Users & Permissions, and eForm Groups.


Users & Permissions and Groups

Any changes made within these tabs will reflect in the AssignedTo field added to the form.



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Tabbed view for viewing the submitted eForms

A new tabbed view is added to view the eForms submitted data. Earlier the submitted eForm was opened in a popup, switching between different submissions was hard. Tabbed view provides an easy way to open multiple form submissions and switching between them.

On the eForm Dashboard, click in the View Data


This will open the submitted eForms data in Grid. Click on the edit icon to view the submitted form data:



The tabbed view has a MAIN tab; this is the parent view from which the eForm is opened. Every submitted eForm data now has it's now tab like #7 above.


Attaching Metadata to File

Metadata can be attached to a file by creating eForm data for a file in the user account.

On the My Document view we have a menu option on file/folder Create eForm Data.

Uponselecting this menu option an eForm selection window is displayed to the user. User then selects the eForm to be linked to the file and enters metadata for the file.


Earlier, the select form window used to be displayed in the modal window

it is displayed in a tabbed view.

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Redesigned the Linked files view

The files linked to the eForm were displayed at the top on the edit data window as:

 These were listed at the top with clickable links so that users can download them. However, no file operations were possible on these linked files.


A new Linked file view is added to the eForms view data. In the tabbed view itself, if there are any files linked to the eForm, they will be displayed at the right panel.

Users can now link files in the account to eForm by clicking Link Files button.

Users can also link new files by clicking Upload Files button and uploading new files. The uploaded files will be automatically linked to the eForm data.


A drilldown menu is added to each linked file. By clicking the cogwheel icon, users can perform various file operations which are available in the My Document view.



Send Submit Details Email

A new feature has been added whereby a user can send an email notification to the specified email addresses in the Send Submit Details to: textbox.

Whenever any changes made to the eForm are submitted an email notification will be sent to the configured email addresses.

User can specify multiple email addresses separated by space, comma or semi-colon.

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Added File Previewer and Text in File viewer

A file viewer has been added to the eForm viewer at the bottom of the page. This viewer is capable of:

  1. Displaying the comment submission history, when a comment field is added to eForm.
  2. View the selected linked file.
  3. Display the Text in file of the selected linked file.

Comments Tab


Preview File

 User can navigate to the next and previous files by the control links at the right (< 4 of 7 >)

User can go to the linked file list at the top by clicking Go to File List link


Text in File

A larger view of the text can be opened by clicking View larger text link. This will load the complete text in file in a modal window.


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