How to Set Up Auto Archive


The Auto Archive feature allows you to schedule an automatic file and/or folder move rule after a given period of time.  This can be applied to a selected folder location and directed into a user defined archive location.


  1. Once you have logged in to your FilesAnywhere account, select the folder you would like to Auto Archive.

  2. Right click and select Properties from the drop down menu, then Advanced Properties.

  3. When the Folder Properties box comes up, click on the File Lifecycle tab, then click on Add Archive Rule.

  4. The Add New Archive Rule box will then pop up. Here, you are able to name and create a new archive rule.

Archive Rule Tab

  • Archive Rule Name – Enter a title for your archive rule to easily manage multiple rules.
  • Folder Location – Select which folder you would like to be archived.
  • Delete Empty Subfolders – Enabling this checkbox will delete any empty subfolders within the Folder location.
  • File Names And Extensions To Include – Specify filenames and file extensions to be archived.  Multiple filenames and extensions can be separated by commas. (e.g., *.docx, filename1.jpeg, filename2.xlsx)
  • Archive Contents (Days) – Select the age (days) of data that should be archived.  (i.e., Data that has a timestamp greater or equal to the days specified, when compared to the current date, will be archived.)
    • NOTE: Days are calculated based off of the Updated Date.  Updated Dates are only changed when a file is uploaded or edited.  Move and Copy functions do not change this.
  • After Start Date – Choose your start date for when the archive rule should be triggered.
  • Archive Location – Select or create a new folder destination where you would like the Folder Location in the rule to be archived to.
  • Enable This Rule – Checking this box will disable/enable the archive rule.



  • Send Warning Notification (Days In Advance) – Choose how many days prior to the files/folder being archived to receive an email notification reminding users of the archive.
  • Email report to all GroupShare Users – Selecting this will send e-mail notifications to all GroupShare users associated with the selected source Folder Location.
  • Email report to selected GroupShare Users – Selecting this will send e-mail notifications to only specified GroupShare users associated with the selected source Folder Location.
  • Additional Recipients – This allows you to add additional e-mail notification recipients, separated by commas. (e.g.,,,


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