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Step-by-Step Instructions: Changing Your Username



When you set up your FilesAnywhere plan, it's important that you select a username that's appropriate for the duration of your account.

Free accounts may not change their username.

For Web Basic and Web Advanced accounts with multiusers, there is a way to change your subusers. Please note that the MAIN USER for a WebBasic or WebAdvanced account CANNOT change their username. This article is only valid for subusers. If you are a WebBasic account wanting to move to a WebAdvanced account OR a WebAdvanced account already and are wishing to transfer a LARGE amount of files over, you may call in to our support team to put in a request for a file transfer.

To Change a Subuser Username

1. Main user must login to the current account. It is not possible for a subuser to change their own username.


2. Select the Account button from the top right toolbar.

select account.png

3. In the WorkGroup Details section, click the New WorkGroup User button.



4. The Add WorkGroup User screen will appear. In the Setup Folder Sharing section, select the Share your Entire Primary Account with this user radio button. Then, in the Set Access Level for the share folder, select Full Control radio button. The Advanced section options will auto-fill and may be left the same. Click the Continue button.


5. In the Add WorkGroup user screen, enter your information into the first name, last name, email address, and phone number fields. Enter the new username in the User Name field (spaces are not allowed in the Username field). Enter a password that you will remember. You may also elect to email the details so that you will have a record of your changes.

6. Log out of your current session, then login as the new subuser.  

Drag and drop the folders from the GroupShare to the root folder of the new account.

Click on the Account button and Upgrade the new account using your credit card to the plan size needed.

Log off then log in to the *original account*.

Click on the Account button and select "Cancel Account Immediately".

Log off.

At the end of your current billing cycle, create a new trial account with the name you want.Note: all existing GroupShares, Version Control settings, FileViews and Contacts would need to be setup in the new account, if you are using these features.

If you have questions or need additional help changing your username, please contact customer service via email or at (855) SYNC-NOW weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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