Standard Troubleshooting Steps for Internet Explorer (IE)

the most current version of Internet Explorer is IE11. updating your browser is important. if you are using an older version than IE 9, please update your browser.

for IE 5.5

A. Modify the Security Settings: 

  • Select Tools > Internet Options from the menu bar. The Internet Options window appears.

  • Select the Security tab.

  • Select the Internet zone.

  • Click Default level. A scrollbar appears.

  • Drag the scrollbar to Medium. A popup appears, asking "...are you sure...?"

  • Click Yes.

  • Click Apply.

B. Enable ActiveX Controls, Cookies, and Downloads: 

  • Click Custom level on the Security tab. A scrollbar appears.

  • Go to the ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins section.

  • Select Enable for each subcategory.

  • Go to the Cookies section.

  • Select Enable for each subcategory.

  • Go to the Download section.

  • Select Enable for each subcategory.

  • Click OK. A popup appears, asking "...are you sure...?"

  • Click Yes.

  • Click OK.

    for IE 6

    Standard Troubleshooting Steps Part 1

    1. Open Internet Explorer.

    2. Select "Internet Options..." from the "Tools" menu.

    3. Click on the "Security" tab.

    4. Click on the green "Trusted Sites" icon.

    5. Click on the "Sites..." button.

    6. Uncheck "Require server verification (https)...", then type the web server address for FilesAnywhere and click "Add".

    7. Press OK twice to return to the browser.

    8. Close all open web browser windows, open a new browser window, then retry.


    If the above steps did not resolve the problem, please continue to the following troubleshooting steps:


    Standard Troubleshooting Steps Part 2

    1. Verify you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer and have applied all relevant Windows Updates (

    2. Reset your browser settings:

      • Tools/Internet Options/Delete Files/OK

      • On the General Tab verify English (US) is in the list of "Languages..."

      • Privacy Tab/Default Level - also turn OFF Popup Blocking until problem is resolved

      • Security Tab/Default Level (medium)

      • Advanced Tab/Restore Defaults

      • Press OK to save and return to the main browser window

    1. View/Encoding: make sure "AutoSelect" is selected, and the large bullet is on either "UNICODE", or "Western European".  If not, please change the Regional/Language settings in Control Panel to English.

    2. Restart your web browser.

    3. Close ANY and ALL other software programs running, especially Firewall programs, ad blockers (we have no ads), and any other software that could be interfering with file uploads and downloads.  Once transfers are working, these can be added back one at a time to determine if there is any conflict.

    The above steps solve nearly all browser-related problems.

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