Receiving a Fax

Step-by-Step Instructions: Receiving a Fax 

Need to receive a fax and don't have a fax machine? No problem! Every paid FilesAnywhere account with more than one user may receive an unlimited number of faxes. It's simple, efficient, secure, and free! If you don't have more than one user on your account, just upgrade and you'll have access to a dedicated fax number and incoming faxes!

Note: A fax number is not set if you would like to receive a fax number for inbound faxing, click here to learn more.

Note: There is a 25-page limit per fax on receiving faxes (Cover pages are included in this limit).  Please notify your sender of this limitation, because they will not be notified that their fax has been rejected.

Note: If you have not yet received a fax, you will not have a Fax folder in your My Documents tab. When you receive a fax, the folder will automatically be created for you.


1. Select the Fax folder from within the My Documents Tab, select the INCOMING folder and find the fax you would like to view. 


2. You may download the file or preview it with the method below: 


  • List View
    Click the gear icon and select Preview from the menu.

  • Icon View
    Hover over an icon and click the downward-facing arrow that appears in the top right-hand corner. Select Preview.
  • Tree View
    Right click on a file, select Preview.


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