Creating FileShare Links

Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating FileShare Links

Want to share your files easily and instantly. You bet! Send anyone (including non-members) the document(s) of your choice anytime, anywhere with FileShare. Add as many files as you wish, and each file shared can be any size up to the full storage size of your account using a simple web-based link. Your recipient is notified with an email that contains the FileShare link. Just follow the step-by-step instructions on creating a FileShare link.

Note: FileShare links are not designed to be used on mobile devices.  For best results, please use them on desktop computers.

List View

Click the mail icon with a small green arrow as shown in red below. Click  the FileShare button that appears below.



Icon View

Hover over a file icon and click the downward facing arrow that appears in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to Send/Share, and select FileShare.



Tree View

Right click on a file, scroll down to Send/Share and click FileShare.




From the Share Tab

1. Open the Share Tab and click Create FileShare Link



2. Click Add Files/Folder and select a file or folder from your account, then click Send Link.




3. Enter the e-mail address you wish to send the link to, select a “Sent From” address, and click Send.




  • The Send Link feature does not send a notification email to the creator of the FileShare link. If you wish to receive and view the FileShare link notification that your recipients will see, you must include your email address with the other recipient email addresses where prompted.
  • If your email server doesn't use SSL to send emails, you may want to use either the Send Link or Password Protect feature. Send Link uses FilesAnywhere's built-in, secure email system. Password protect allows link access via 128-bit SSL encryption.   
  • For existing File Share links, you can change the notification settings, cancel the link, or extend the link by modifying the properties. For more information, view the step-by-step instructions for Modifying a FileShare link.

Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about creating FileShare links, please contact us.


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