Modifying a FileShare Link

Step-by-Step Instructions: Modifying a FileShare Link

Did you recently create a FileShare link, then find that you need to change it? No problem! FileShare links can be modified if you need to extend an expiration date, send it to additional folks, or even lock the file from further access. Just follow the these simple instructions. You may also be interested in reading more about:

Let's Get Started

1. From the main screen of the User Interface click the Share tab.

 Google ChromeScreenSnapz002.png

2. Click FileShare Links under the Manage section.



Toolbar and Field Descriptions in the Active FileShare Log



Link Type- Choose from FileShare links, FileReceive links, or filter your results by entering criteria in the Filter by File/Folder. Ex: Name: field.Edit

Delete Selected Button- Deletes the files selected in the table.

Create New FileShare Button- Gives you the FileShare screen to create a new FileShare link.

Lock Button- Immediately locks the selected link and prevents access by link recipients.

Unlock Button- Immediately unlocks the selected link and allows access by link recipients.


Search/Filter- Use this box to filter or search for links associated with particular files or folders.




Check BoxesClicking in a check box selects the FileShare link and all fields associated with it. The top check box acts as a "select all" feature and will select all FileShare links and their associated fields with just one click.

Pencil Icon- Clicking on this icon will edit that specific link.

Shared Folder- Provides the file path to the folder from which the file was shared.

To- Provides a description of link recipients.


Lock/Unlock- Clicking on this allows you to lock and unlock the FileShare link at will.  Locking a FileShare link will effectively disable it until you unlock it.

View Links- Prompts a FileShare link screen and displays the associated recipient(s)/FileShare link(s)

Link Generator- Gives you the option to send the associated FileShare link to additional recipients without going through the FileShare link process again.

File History- Prompts the File History Log for the associated FileShare link.


Created Date- Sortable field that displays the date the link is created. 

Expires- Sortable field that isplays the date the link is set to expire. 

Days Left- Sortable field that displays the number of days remaining before the link expires.

Log Activity- Displays a green circle when File History is enabled and displays a red circle when File History is not enabled.

Email Notification- Displays a "Y" when an email notification has been sent to the recipient(s), and an "N" when an email notification has not been sent to the recipient(s).


Editing an existing FileShare link

1. Click on the pencil icon of the link you wish to edit.  This prompts the FileShare screen and provides you with multiple options for modifying the FileShare link. Select the changes you wish to make to the link and then click the Save button. An explanation of each tab, appears below.

Basic Tab

The Basic tab provides you with the option to add/remove files and/or folders that are being shared.


Access & Permissions Tab

With the Access & Permissions tab, you have the options to edit the View, enable or disable password protection on the link, and modify link expiration dates.  You may also limit the number of file downloads per recipient, disable downloads of files by selecting View Online Only, add a custom watermark, change the way the link notification displays your information, or enable tracking features.


User View Settings Tab

This tab allows you to change the default view and language of the FileShare link.


Advanced Options Tab

This tab allows you to designate a cover page to display a message, require verification from the recipient, or require a signature. It also allows you to apply a return URL. If enabled, the Logout button will take the recipient to the designated URL.
Note: The message field does support basic HTML formatting.


Important Information About FileShare Links

  • The Send Link feature does not send a notification email to the creator of the FileShare link. If you wish to receive and view the FileShare link notification that your recipients will see, you must include your email address with the other recipient email addresses where prompted.
  • If your email server doesn't use SSL to send emails, you may want to use either the Send Link or Password Protect feature. Send Link uses FilesAnywhere built-in, secure email system. Password protect allows link access via 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • FileShare links are absolute, not dynamic links. So when you set them up, it takes in account the naming, location, etc. If you rename, move, or restructure, the FileShare links will break. You'll have to either edit the exiting links and re-connect to the intended data, or send out new links accordingly.


Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about modifying a FileShare link, please contact us.

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