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Step-by-Step Instructions: Accessing the Active FileReceive Log

It so easy for friends, family, and associates to share files of any size using FileReceive Links, you'll probably find yourself using it a lot! But that's a lot of links to keep up with! Good thing we thought of that and created the Active FileReceive Link Log. With the ability to view, manage, and edit FileReceive Links, the Active FileReceive Link Log just might become your BFF! Here you'll find instructions to use the log, and you might also be interested in more information on:

View and Manage Active FileReceive Links:

The FileReceive Links tab organizes all active FileReceive links, and allows you to edit,view,generate, and check link history all from a single screen. To access the log:

From the main screen of the User Interface click the Share tab and then click Create FileReceive Link


Toolbar and Field Descriptions in the Active FileReceive Log



Link Type- Choose from FileShare links, FileReceive Links, or filter your results by entering criteria in the Filter by File/Folder Name: field.

Delete Button-Deletes the files selected in the table.

Create New FileReceive Button- Gives you the screen to create a new FileReceive Link.

Lock Button- Immediately locks the selected link and prevents access by link recipients.

Unlock Button- Immediately unlocks the selected link and allows access by link recipients.


Check BoxesClicking in a check box selects the FileReceive Link and all fields associated with it. The top check box acts as a "select all" feature and will select all FileReceive Links and their associated fields with just one click.

Edit- Allows you to edit the associated FileReceive Link.

Shared Folder- Provides the file path to the folder from which the file was shared.

To- Provides a description of link recipients.

View Links- Prompts a FileReceive Link screen and displays the associated recipient(s)/FileReceive Link(s).

Link Generator- Gives you the option to send the associated FileReceive Link to additional recipients without going through the FileReceive Link process again.

File History- Prompts the FileReceive History Log for the associated FileReceive Link.

Created Date- Sortable field that displays the date the link is created. 

Expires- Sortable field that isplays the date the link is set to expire. 

Days Left- Sortable field that displays the number of days remaining before the link expires.

Log Activity- Displays a "Y" when File History is enabled and displays a "N" when File History is not enabled.

Email Notification- Displays a "Y" when an email notification has been sent to the recipient(s), and an "N" when an email notification has not been sent to the recipient(s).

Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about the Active FileReceive Links Log, please contact us. FilesAnywhere LIVE customer support is available weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Our customer support is always free, and all engineers are located at our headquarters in the U.S. 

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