Advanced FileShare Link Features


Access and Permissions Tab

Permission Section

A. Password Protect Field: Allows you to encrypt your documents with a password. Recipients who follow the FileShare link will be asked to provide the password before accessing the files.

B. Link Expiration Field: Allows you to set an expiration date for the FileShare link. You may also select "Never Expires"

C. Allow recipients to view the file online only, not download or save the files.

D. Limits the number of downloads per recipient, or allow unlimited access.

E. You may select a Do not display option to hide your name or email address.

F. Select this option to provide a comment box for recipients to add comments to your files.


Watermark Section

G. Choose to add a customer watermark with text or additional options.


Tracking Section

H. Elect to receive an email notification when recipients download files.

I. Elect to receive an email notification when recipients access FileShare link.

J. Elect to keep a File History Log and record all FileShare links and details associated with them.



User View Settings Tab


Folder View Section

A. This field allows you to change the view your recipients will see. Options include a Detailed View (list of items), Icon View (thumbnails), Comments View (same as Icon View with addition of comments box), and Play Slideshow/Media (automatically begins the slideshow/video/media upon download).

if you wish to leave the link open indefinitely.


Language Section


B. Use Recipients Default Settings recipients will see the page in their chosen language.

C. Select a language for recipients to view in.




Advanced Options Tab

By selecting options under this tab, you may add a cover page to display before recipients access files.

A. Elect to add a title to the cover page by clicking the check box and typing the title in the field below.

B. Elect to add a message to the body of your cover page and type it in the field below.  Note: The message field does support basic HTML formatting.

C. Elect to require that recipients read and agree to your terms and conditions before viewing a FileShare link. The auto fill text will default to "I Agree", but you may enter your own content in the field below.

D. You may elect to require recipients confirm that they are, in fact, the recipient of your FileShare link. The auto fill verification text defaults to "Enter your name", but you may enter your own verification content in the field below.

E. If selected, the Handwritten Graphical Signature requires flash on the recipients computer in order to complete. Recipients use their mouse or finger pad to "sign for" the FileShare link.

Return URL section

F. Elect to redirect a recipient to a specific website upon logout. Enter the URL in the Button URL field. This feature will display as the Logout button on the FileShare link page, and when clicked, will redirect the recipient to the indicated web address.



At the Bottom of Every Tab


The Remember my choices check box appears at the bottom of every tab, however it is not specific to each page. If you elect to save your preferences, it will save the selected preferences from every tab and assign these preferences to future links. Additionally, you have three options for FileShare Link Distribution, including Create Link, Send with Outlook, and Send Link.


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