Adding and Managing WorkGroup Users

Step-by-Step Instructions: Adding and Managing Workgroup Users

Managing people may be hard, but managing their subaccounts in your WorkGroup plan is easy! Need to add, change, edit, or change permissions on your subaccounts? Just follow these simple steps.

Let's Get Started. First We'll Add a WorkGroup User

1.  Login to your primary account.

2. Click the name on the account (top right next to sign out).

3. Select Profile/Account


3.  Select the Users & WorkGroup  tab on the left side of the Account Settings screen.

4.  The Add Workgroup User window will open and prompt you to set the folder sharing rules.  This will be located under the Sharing Settings tab. Field definitions are as follows:

A)  Allows the sub account access to all files associated with the primary account.
B)  Allows the sub account access to only the folders you select
C)  Allows you to create a new folder to share with the sub account
D)  Allows you to create a folder specifically for sub account use without sharing access to any other folders



E)  Allows you to select the level of access to shared folders 


F)  When selected, sub accounts will have access to FTP/SFTP/Remote Backup
G)  When selected, sub accounts will have access to the WebDAV folder mapping feature


Note: Starting November 29th, 2023 the WebDAV feature will be limited to legacy accounts only and will not be available for new accounts.


6.  Under the user's details tab, you will be prompted to enter the new sub account user's information. Field definitions are as follows:

A)  You may click the random button to generate a random password. The sub account will be prompted to change their password upon their first login.
B)  Select the Do not send password check box if  you prefer the sub account not receive their password in the auto-generated activation email.
C)  If you chose to create personal space only for the sub account, you may enter the amount of personal storage space you wish to allocate to the user. If you chose one of the other folder sharing options, the Disabled personal Space check box will auto-fill.
D)  Deselect the Email details to User check box if you prefer not to send the auto-generated activation email to the new user.

7.  Once complete, click Add User.


8.  The account screen will then appear with the new sub account user added.


The new workgroup user is now able to login and begin taking advantage of the benefits FilesAnywhere has to offer!



Now Let's Go Through the Steps for Managing Your WorkGroup Users

1. Click the name on the account (top right next to sign out).

2. Select Profile/Account


3. Select the Users & WorkGroup  tab on the left side of the Account Settings screen.


4. On the right side of the screen, select the Edit button (pencil icon) associated with the WorkGroup user's account you need to change. 


5. Once the account has been edited, make sure to save the changes before leaving the Edit WorkGroup User screens.

User Details Tab

The User Details tab provides you with the same screen as the Add New WorkGroup user screen. All fields on this screen are editable except for the Username, which is permanent once chosen. If a WorkGroup user needs to change his or her username, the current account must be deleted and a new account created with the desired username. For definitions of each field, you may refer to the corresponding section above.


Advanced Access Tab

The Advanced Access tab provides with wit the same screen as the Add WorkGroup User screen. You may make edits to any field to change the access and permissions included in this screen. for definitions of each field, you may refer to the corresponding section above.



Important Information About Workgroup Users

  • Individual accounts are non-transferable, even for temporary purposes.
  • The FilesAnywhere license limits the use of each login to one registered user. 
  • The FilesAnywhere Terms of Use expressly forbid shared login, and users violating this rule are subject to a permanent ban.
  • There are no long-term contracts. You may make changes to your plan at any time, including add additional sub accounts.
  • If you need to share files, but only on a limited basis, consider using a FileShare™ link or our FileReceive Links feature.
  • Transfers are available only on Private Site accounts that meet certain conditions. Please contact us for more information.
  • If you are an organization and need to provide larger workgroup access, FilesAnywhere offers Private Site plans with discounts on multi-user licensing, branding, dedicated domain, and much more. Contact us for a free evaluation site.

Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about logging in, please contact us.

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