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MetaData: Solutions for Every Industry

Your team has specific data tracking needs and many database applications are targeted to specific functions, such as loan tracking or patient information systems. But what if you need something less rigid? FilesAnywhere MetaData offers a highly flexible answer.  You define the data fields that are most important to your team, and your MetaData records are all managed online and accessible anywhere, from any web-enabled device. Check out the MetaData Overivew or peruse some of the ways you can use MetaData for your particular team needs.

Financial Services

Track documents along with contract workflow. For example, you can save loan offer documents or closing documents to a shared folder. Team members can add details to documents using a customized data entry form, and you can search and browse all loan document records using the online spreadsheet view. Require as much or as little information as you want, whether just a few basic fields for document sharing, or for tracking the complete loan application process.

Commonly used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Applicant ID                       [unique integer field]
  • Applicant Name                [text field]
  • Street Address                  [text field]
  • Loan Type                          [dropdown list]
  • Loan Package Options   [multi-select list]
  • Loan Origination Date     [date/calendar field]
  • Loan Officer Name           [workgroup user list]
  • Finance Amount                [currency field]
  • Finance Rate                     [decimal field]
  • Application Notes             [memo field]

Real Estate

Use MetaData to track buyer and seller documents for your property listings. Custom forms allow for details on any aspect of your property workflow. For example, upload photos and videos with detailed property information to a shared folder, track sales leads, record property details, and create your own database according to the needs of your office.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Seller Name                          [text field]
  • Agent Assigned                    [workgroup user list]
  • Property Type                        [dropdown list]
  • Property Address                 [text field]
  • City Name                             [dropdown list]
  • MLS Number                        [unique integer field]
  • MLS Date                              [date/calendar field]
  • Interested Buyers                [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Selling Price                         [currency field]
  • Agent Commission Rate   [decimal field]
  • Notes on Property Listing  [memo field]

Law Firms and Legal Teams

Manage legal documents and case history, all from an easy to access web-interface. Tailor MetaData to your legal team's exact requirements by defining the fields that are most important to your document and case tracking. For example, create shared folders for attorneys and paralegals to store case documents and attach information specific to court or clients, according to the fields you define. The information is then searchable for fast retrieval. You can also set up user accounts for your clients, and have a secure, confidential area to share documents and case details between client and legal team members.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Client                            [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Account Reference    [integer field]
  • Attorney Assigned      [workgroup user list]
  • Case Type                   [radio buttons]
  • Hourly Rate                 [currency field]
  • Retainer                       [currency field]
  • Contingency Billing    [checkbox]
  • Case Status                [dropdown list]
  • First Court Date          [date/calendar field]
  • Next Court Date          [date/calendar field]
  • Settlement Option      [Yes/No]
  • Case Notes                 [memo field]

Engineering / Manufacturing

Engineering teams often need a common area to collaborate on joint projects and track the work that is in progress. Your teams can use FilesAnywhere MetaData to track design documents, engineering diagrams, and related projects files. Store and share documents, and crate a custom MetaData form to enter details and workflow information.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Project Name                    [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Lead Engineer                  [workgroup user list]
  • Drawing Type                    [radio buttons]
  • CAD System ID                 [unique integer field]
  • Drawing Status                 [dropdown list]
  • Components                     [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Manufacturing Deadline  [date/calendar field]
  • Drawing Notes                  [memo field]

Software Development / Testing

Today's software teams work from diverse geographic locations, collaborating between departments and offices. MetaData makes it easy to stay on track. Store and share source code, specs, and other supporting project documents between team members with custom MetaData forms. Track details on files and projects as a whole, and add details to shared files or standalone tracking records to create a searchable database, or multiple databases.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Project ID                [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Team Assigned     [dropdown list]
  • Doc Type                 [radio buttons]
  • Module Name        [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Build Number        [integer field]
  • Testing Status       [dropdown list]
  • Tester Assigned   [workgroup user list]
  • QA Approved          [date/calendar field]
  • Release Status     [dropdown list]
  • Release Date        [date/calendar field]
  • Client Approved     [Yes/No]
  • Status Notes          [memo field]

Customer Service / Support

Track customer service documents and record incident details. By designing your own data entry page, team members can quickly enter important call notes, document details, and service incident details. The information is then searchable by team members anywhere via the web, allowing rapid retrieval and collaboration on service incidents from multiple offices or in the field. 

For example, a team of service technicians at multiple locations can use MetaData to enter customer tickets and track documents and incident details that are important to the specific service they perform.  Pull up the details of the incident, by searching on a field, or add notes to the ticket from any location.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples: 

  • Ticket Number                       [unique integer field]
  • Service Rep                            [workgroup user list]
  • Incident Date                          [date/calendar field]
  • Incident Time                         [time field]
  • Product/Service Type            [radio buttons]
  • Model                                       [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Customer Callback Status  [dropdown list]
  • Escalation Needed               [Yes/No]
  • Escalated To                          [workgroup user list]
  • Extra Charges                        [currency field]
  • Problem Notes                      [memo field]
  • Resolution Notes                  [memo field]
  • Quality Rating                         [radio button]

Sales / Marketing

Increase sales team production in the office and on the road with FilesAnywhere MetaData. Track leads, enter customer followups, contract details, and other important information helpful in tracking and pursuing sales. For example, three sales reps can use MetaData to track their own leads and enter sales info to documents in their own folders. A sales manager can access and contribute notes for all three reps.  Additionally, sales reps can keep a separate shared folder with standard marketing literature and notes on each document, which can even be shared out to customer prospects via email links.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Client Name                 [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Sales Rep                     [workgroup user list]
  • Lead System ID           [unique integer field]
  • Decision Maker            [text field]
  • Gatekeeper                   [text field]
  • Best Phone Number   [text field]
  • Call Date                       [date/calendar field]
  • Promotion Offer           [radio buttons]
  • Callback Status           [dropdown list]
  • Contract Closed          [Yes/No]
  • Sales Notes                 [memo field]

Graphic Design / Architecture

Your graphic design or architectural company can use FilesAnywhere MetaData and folder sharing to bring designers and customers together on projects. Create your own custom data form to add detailed information to drawings or create a workflow to help manage your design process. Use MetaData to categorize and and archive your design projects. For example, two different designers can share a folder, use MetaData to track who is assigned to each drawing file, and make notes on the status of the files.  You can also give customers limited access to shared folders so they can download drawing files and see the notes, or even add to the MetaData details and notes.

Commonly Used MetaData Field Examples:

  • Project Name             [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Designer Assigned   [workgroup user list]
  • Drawing Format         [radio buttons]
  • Template Used          [extensible multi-select listbox]
  • Width                            [integer]
  • Height                          [integer]
  • Bit Resolution            [integer]
  • Revision Number      [decimal field]
  • Revision Date            [date/calendar field]
  • Approval Status         [dropdown list]
  • Change History         [memo field]

Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about MetaData, please contact us. FilesAnywhere LIVE customer support is available weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Our customer support is always free, and all engineers are located at our headquarters in the U.S.


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