FTPS, SFTP, and You

Overview: FTPS, SFTP, and You

What does FTPS and SFTP have to do with you? Lots! You know those extremely large files that are impossible to upload and email? You can take care of them quickly and easily using FTPS or SFTP. Once uploaded to your FilesAnywhere account, you can share the files in an instant with a FileShare link, E-Send, or GroupShare.


What are FTPS and SFTP?

FTPS is a File Transfer Protocol with SSL for security.
SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol File Transfer Protocol.

As the name suggests, FTPS and SFTP are used to transfer files between computers on a network or the Cloud. You can use FTPS and SFTP to exchange files between computer accounts, transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or access online software storage.

In order to use FTPS or SFTP, you will need to have a FilesAnywhere account. You will also need to have the means with which to use these connections. These include programs such as an FTPS/SFTP Client like FileZilla, or a backup software like our very own CoolBackup. You can also use your very own scripts to connect as well.


Note: FTPS supports long filepaths.

Note: SFTP does not support long filepaths.  SFTP supports the traditional 255 character path limit which is shortened to approximately 240 for our service.


FTPS/SFTP Client like Filezilla


FileZilla is free, safe, and stable.  Use the Quickconnect bar at the top to establish a connection with FilesAnywhere.

FTPS Information

  • Host:
  • Username: (your FilesAnywhere Username)
  • Password: (your FilesAnywhere Password) *Please note that passwords are case sensitive.*
  • Port: 21


SFTP Information

  • Host:
  • Username: (your FilesAnywhere Username)
  • Password: (your FilesAnywhere Password) Please note that passwords are case sensitive
  • Port: 22

Need additional directions? Click here for more information on using FileZilla. 

For existing Professional users, click here for the steps to enable FTPS/SFTP.


FilesAnywhere CoolBackup


Whether you want to backup automatically or on a set schedule, CoolBackup allows you to backup files and folders to and from your FilesAnywhere account using FTPS or SFTP.

You can choose to sync one-way or both ways, as well as if you want to sync everything or choose individual files/folders.

Click here to download CoolBackup and start syncing today.

Click here to download the CoolBackup QuickStart Guide.




Scripting can be used to automate connections and commands to upload or download data to and from FilesAnywhere. To automate operation, you need to find out the commands necessary to accomplish what you wish to do.

For simple operations you need to at least.

  1. Open session using open command.
  2. Perform operation. For uploads use put command. For downloads use get command. For synchronization use synchronize command.
  3. Exit scripting using exit command.

For example, a typical script to upload a file is:

  • # Connect to SFTP server using a password
    open s -hostkey="ssh-rsa 2048 xxxxxxxxxxx...="
    # Upload file
    put d:\examplefile.txt /home/user/
    # Exit WinSCP

For more information about scripting, click here to visit the WINSCP guide.


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