Auto Grouping

Temporarily sort and arrange all of your data based on different set parameters to get a quick, clear, and concise view. You can separate everything by Meta Data, file types, file age, and a few other settings as well. Remember, Auto Grouping is temporary and will not permanently change your account’s folder structure.  To begin, click Tools in the top toolbar. 



Auto Grouping is located just below the Services on the Tools page. Let’s cover them starting at the top left moving right.




Tags allow you to see all of your data organized based on which files and folders are tagged. The folders represent separate tags and contain the tagged data with everything else that shares that tag. 



Grouping your data by file types will separate the data into folders that contain data of the same type, like a folder of Microsoft Office documents or video files. If you don’t remember where you put that extra precious document or picture, sorting your account’s data like this can save a lot of time digging through every file and folder.  



Sorting your data by size will sort and group all files by intervals of 10 MB. 



Sorting by extension will separate all the files and place them in a folder labeled as the extension. Unlike file type, this is more specific and separates everything based on the extension; for example, a 2003 Word document (.doc) would be in a separate folder from a 2013 Word (.docx) file.



Sorting by year separates all of the data into folders determined by the year they were uploaded.



Sorting by month separates all of the data into folders determined by the month they were uploaded. 



Sorting by day separates all of the data into folders determined by the month they were uploaded. 



Remember, Auto Grouping is only temporary and uses the last indexed account information. If your files are not displaying properly after you uploaded a batch of files, make sure to reindex your account. 




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