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Share important documents securely and easily using Adobe Sign. You can send anyone (including non-members) the document(s) you need signed.

Depending on which view you are in, there are a few different ways you can send files to Adobe Sign

List View

Locate the file you wish to send to Adobe Sign. Hover over the file and to the right of the file click on the cogwheel icon.

Under the drop down menu select service plugins. Click "Send to Adobe Sign"



Icon & Tree View

Locate the file you wish to send to Adobe Sign. Right click on the file. Under the drop down menu, select service plugins. Click "Send to Adobe Sign"



Share Tab

You could also go through the share tab at the top.

Select the Share tab and click Adobe Sign Documents


Click Send to Adobe Sign


Sending document to Adobe Sign for the first time, it will ask you to authenticate using Adobe Sign credentials via Adobe Sign website.

On successful authentication on the Adobe Sign website, it will redirect back to the Filesanywhere site to create an agreement. You will need to fill in some information before you can send the document.

a) Fill in the agreement title

b) Click "Add Files/Folders"

    Check the box next to the files you wish to send to Adobe Sign

c) Choose the folder you want the files to be placed into once they have been signed and sent back

d) Enter an agreement name


Choose which agreement options you wish to include in the file


Under the recipients tab enter the information for whom you are attempting to send the files to.


Click "Create an Agreement"

It will display confirmation window. 


Click "Send Agreement" to display the document in Adobe Sign site to provide signature fields. 

Drag and drop fields on document where recipients will provide their details. 

Click "Send" to send this agreement to recipient.

Close this above window.

Once the other person(s) have signed and returned the document, it will be placed in the folder you chose.


To create another agreement using Adobe Sign, it will not ask to enter Adobe Sign credentials again.

To remove Adobe sign associations, go to user's profile page 

Click "App & Service Plugins"

From Adobe Sign section, click on "Reset Adobe Sign Association"

File types supported by Adobe Sign:

.pdf .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .wp .txt .rtf .jpg .jpeg .gif .bmp .png .htm .html

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