ADR- Automatic Document Recognition

ADR- Automatic Document Recognition


Managing your documents has never been easier than it is now with FilesAnywhere ADR. Our Automatic Document Recognition tool allows you to track and manage any file that has been uploaded, moved, or copied based on the ADR folder settings.


ADR was designed to allow for easier tracking on any or all incoming files starting with a right click! Our new document recognition feature has the capability to not only to Copy/Move to a folder, but also send email notifications, create a FileShare link, or use an existing e-Form.


  1. First step is to right click on the folder you want to add the ADR trigger to. You will be presented with a drop down menu, hover over Properties and navigate to Add ADR Trigger, and click.



 2. Here, the User is able to name the trigger being set as well as choose what action will activate it such as File Upload, File moved, or File copied.


3.Select the folder you wish to retain the files in.

**Note: The user can also set an ADR setting for a subfolder, however any ADR setting made on  the parent folder will automatically override any subfolder ADR setting.**


 4. Here, the User is able to set the conditions to meet all or any based off of your preferences or business needs.



Each condition has a set of options that allows for more filtering as shown in the images below.

4.1- The File Type allows to filter by extension for a more refined result.

 ADR4.png     ADR5.png


4.2. Text in File: allows the system to pull any files according to the type of settings and text set by the User.

 ADR6.png          ADR7.png

4.3. File Size: allows the User to retrieve data based off of the file size.

 ADR8.png        ADR9.png

4.4   File Tag: allows the User to retrieve data based off of tags that have been placed on the file.


 ADR10.png         ADR11.png


5.Once the User has placed the desired settings, User then chooses the action they wish to happen.




5.1.   Move File to Folder.


5.2.  Copy File to Folder.



5.3 The User is able to set up to receive notifications to their email or any additional recipients the User may want to add.


5.4 Create and share a FileShare link. The user is able to make the link password protected as well as add groups and other additional users.

** Note: Users can add more than one action per ADR trigger. **



**Additional feature for 5.3 and 5.4- Available place holders.**


Available placeholders

Use placeholders to insert frequently used information into your text.


FileShare Link


File Name




Action By




App Name


Support phone number


Support international phone number


Support email



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