Field Configuration

A Closer Look at Field Configuration


Every field, whether Standard or Advanced, is fully customizable. The fields based on their type may have the following customizable properties.

  • Field Label - This is a short hint or phrase that lets the recipient know what kind of data should be entered into the field.

  • Instructions - Instructions provide recipients with directions to fill out the field. They appear below the field label.

  • Field Name - It is the unique identifier of a field. It will be needed if this field is used in creating formula expressions for calculated fields.

  • Field Type - Field type determines the type of data that can be collected. You may change the field type as per your requirement.

  • Field Size - Field Size configuration is for setting the appearance (width - Large, Medium or Small) of the field.

  • Maximum Character Limit - This limits the field in question to so many characters.  Set the limit to 0 to disable it.  This is found in Single Line Text, Number, and Decimal Fields.
  • Options - Required (user input will be mandatory, field cannot be left blank), Unique (ensure that the same value has not been submitted in the past), and, Associate as Tag (uploaded files will be tagged with the contents of this field).


    Masking - This option allows you to mask all or parts of the entry for security purposes.

  • Case Sensitivity - Selecting an option from this list will force the output of the entry to conform to UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Proper Case
  • New feature: Refer the Table Field article for detail on how to configure and use table field.


  • List Items - For fields like Dropdown, Multiple Choice, etc. where the user can select the value from the available list items, this property  provides a way of adding those list items.


  • Minimum Value - This property is available with Number, Currency, etc. numeric type of fields. You can restrict the user to input the value greater than or equal to the configured minimum value.

  • Maximum Value - This property is available with Number, Currency, etc. numeric type of fields. You can restrict the user to input the value less than or equal to the configured maximum value.


  • Predefined Date - This property is available with the Date and the Due Date field, the field will be pre-populated with the selected predefined date. User will be able to modify it.

  • Input Date Format - Set the on-screen date format of your choice either MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY

  • Output Date Format - Set how the date is recorded in the system.  You can choose between MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, DDMMYYYY, or MMDDYYYY
  • Minimum / Maximum Date - Set the minimum and maximum allowed dates for the field.


  • Is this a calculated field? - The field value will be calculated as per the formula expression specified. When you select Yes option for this property you are provided with a textbox to enter the formula expression that will be used to calculate the field value.

The formula expression allows users to perform operations such as multiplication, addition, subtraction and division on data entered in the form, while functions allow users to performs calculations by using specific values passed as arguments.


    • Typing a few characters in the Expression textbox, will provide you the suggested list of Function Names and Field Label keywords allowed in the expression.

    • The suggested list will display the label of the fields already added to the form.

    • Select the desired item from the suggested list, the Field Name of the selected item will be automatically added to the expression.

    • On selecting a Function Name, it gets added along with a round open bracket ( to the expression.

    • Formula can be written on number fields to perform mathematical operations such as multiplication, addition, subtraction and division. For example, if the form contains the number fields Travel_Expense, Stay_Expense, Misc_Expense, then the total expense can be calculated by writing the formula (Travel_Expense + Stay_Expense + Misc_Expense) in the Total_Amount field. Few more examples:

a. UserEmail( USER_FIELD ) - Sets the field value as email address of the selected User.

b. FIELD1 + FIELD2 - Sets the field value as addition of two fields.

c. "Score is: " + Int( SCORE_FIELD ) - Sets field value by appending integer value from score field to the text within double quotes.

  • File Upload field - Please note that if folder upload option is selected in upload fields then system will upload entire folder files to the root of the selected upload location.​

Note: Refer the Functions supported in calculated field expression article for detail on the functions & their syntax that can be used to define the formula expression of a calculated field.


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