New Look: How To View Your Fax Log

FilesAnywhere has a log that tracks all of your incoming and outbound faxes and it shows you the status of the fax in real time.

Note: All faxes (inbound and outbound) are limited to 25 pages total (this includes the cover page).

  1. To reach the Fax Log, sign into your account and navigate to the hamburger menu on the upper right.
  2. Hover over  Manage
  3. From there navigate to the Fax Log

The Fax History Log displays all of the faxes sent, received, and failed.

Here you also have some other options:

  • Refresh the Log
  • Send a new fax
  • Resend/existing faxes
  • Delete selected log entries*
  • Export the fax log
  • Search by fax number or name
  • Track the time and date of incoming and outgoing faxes. 
    Note: A fax number is not needed to send a fax.  However, if you would like to receive a fax number for inbound faxing, click here to learn more.

Note*: The Delete Selected button removes the log from the history log. It does not stop an outgoing fax or delete the fax mid-process. 

Note*: If a fax exceeds 25 pages, including the cover page, the status will display an error, since it will have exceeded the limit of pages for one fax.  This limitation applies to BOTH Inbound and Outbound faxes.


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