New Look: Docusign: What recipients See

What Recipients Will See

This is what a  recipient will see when you send them a document to sign.

  1. They will receive an email and be asked to review and sign the document.

  2. Once they click on Review Document, they will be taken to the DocuSign interface.

  3. If you have enabled an access code, then they will see a screen requiring that.

  4. At the top of the document, they will see this blue header and will need to press Continue.

  5. After pressing continue, the recipient will need to press the Start button on the left.  This will take them to their first required inital or signature.
    If there is more than one area that needs to be filled in, the button will change to Next.

  6. Once the recipient has finished signing and initialing the document, they will see and need to press Finish.

  7. They will receive confirmation on the screen that they are finished with their portion of the signing.


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