New Look: Favorites

We are excited to introduce you to FilesAnywhere's Favorites, a brand-new feature exclusively available in the FilesAnywhere New Look UI. Quickly access and search for your starred files or folders with ease. 


Table of Contents

How to Add a Favorite

Access Your Favorites

Removing a Favorite


How to Add a Favorite

1. Log into your FilesAnywhere Account.

2.  Locate the file or Folder you want to add to Favorites.

3, Click the star to the right of the file or folder.

4. Your File or Folder will now appear in Favorites 


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Access Your Favorites

1. To access your Favorites, click on Favorites from the left-hand side of your account

2. That will bring you to your Favorites



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Removing a Favorite

1.  Locate the favorite in your file list

2. Simply click the Star to unfavorite the item.

3. The star will go from blue to black 

4. The item is now removed from Favorites.

You can also

1. Go to your Favorites on the left side panel.

2. Click the star next to the Favorite

4. The Star next to your Favorite will turn Black indicating that the item is no longer in Favorites.

5. Once the item is removed from Favorites, it will disappear from the list. (You may need to refresh for it to disappear)

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Still, Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions, please contact us.

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