Admin Console - Multi-Factor Authentication User Settings

In order to set Multi-Factor Authentication for an individual user, please follow these steps.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. Login to your Admin Console
  2. Click on the Users tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Create/Edit a user in your list.
  4. Scroll down to the Multi-Factor Authentication section.
  5. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication and begin configuring your user settings.


Configuration Settings

First, you need to decide if you would like to apply the Multi-Factor Authentication from the Site level, the Group level, or the User Level.


  • Site Level - This will pull from your site preference from the Security tab and apply it to this user.
  • Group Level - This will pull from the groups assigned to this user.  The system will apply the highest precedence if multiple groups with multiple authentication methods are present.  The system will indicate which group is being used for the setting at the bottom of this section.
    Note: You must have a group assigned to this user for this option to be available.
  • User level - This will allow you to set the preference specifically for this user.


Second, if you choose the User Level, you will need to decide the delivery method.


Note: With every option but User Defined, you can manually set the required information.  If you wish for the user to enter in this information, simply clear out the field before saving your changes.

  • SMS Text Message - Upon login, the user will be prompted to enter their phone number in order to receive a SMS message.
  • Email - Upon login, the user will be prompted to enter their email address in order to receive a verification code.
  • Phone Call - Upon login, the user will be prompted to enter their phone number in order to receive a phone call with the verification code.
  • User Defined - Upon login, the user will be given the choice as to which method to use in order to receive the verification code.


Third, you need to consider if you want your user to be able to bypass verification for a certain amount of days.


Note: Since the bypass relies on website cookies, if the user clears their browser cache, they will be prompted to enter in a new verification code upon next login regardless of the number of bypass days.


User Grid Display

Once you have enabled Multi-Factor Authentication for your users, you will will see an indicator next to each user in the list.


Each indicator displays like the following.

  • SMS Text Message
  • Phone Call
  • Email

 Note: If a user does not have an indicator, that means that this user either does not have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled or that the user has not logged in and selected their User Defined method yet.


Configuration Hierarchy

If a user is assigned to multiple groups with different delivery methods, only one method will be selected.  Here's the list of delivery methods in order of precedence.

  1. User Defined (if applicable)
  2. SMS Text Message
  3. Phone Call
  4. Email


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