Lite - Login Page Overview

Lite is the new look for FilesAnywhere that provides a slimmed down, fully responsive and more intuitive interface.  Our login page is made up of several items outlined below.

Note: This newest interface is only available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. 



  1. Client ID - This is the number associated with your Professional/Enterprise site.  This number is referenced in your welcome email and is also on the standard login portal.
  2. Username - This is your username for your FilesAnywhere account that is referenced in your welcome email.
  3. Password - This is the password you've set up for your FilesAnywhere account.
  4. Remember Me - This tells the browser to remember your username on this page.
  5. Forgot Password - You can use this link to get a password reset link or to be sent your username.
  6. Sign In - This button is used for logging in with your normal FilesAnywhere credentials.
  7. Single Sign On - This button is used for logging in with your company credentials, if enabled.
  8. Sign up for a Files Anywhere account - If you enjoy FilesAnywhere, you can sign up for your own account using this link.  Please note that it will not be associated with your company's account.

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