Lite - How to share your data externally (FileShare Link)

Want to share your files easily and instantly. Send anyone (including non-members) the document(s) of your choice anytime, anywhere with FileShare. Add as many files as you wish, and each file shared can be any size up to the full storage size of your account using a simple web-based link. Your recipient is notified with an email that contains the FileShare link. Just follow the below step-by-step instructions on creating a FileShare link.

Note: This newest interface is only available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. 

Note: Due to Apple device limitations, the download functionality for FileShare links does not work on iOS devices.

  1. Go to the Login URL, and sign in.
  2. Once on the My Documents page, locate the folder/file you wish to share.
  3. Select the Share icon (triangle with three circles icon) to the right of the folder/file or at the top left of the screen.
    g01.png OR 07.png
  4. A panel will open up on the right side of the screen. Click on the FileShare option.
  5. This panel will update to display all the fields required to create a FileShare Link.
  6. Select any of the additional options for the link:
  7. When you are ready to send/create the link either enter the recipient(s) email and press 'Send Link'.
    Note: Multiple recipients can be separated by comas or semicolons.
    Or press 'Generate Link' so that you can copy and paste your link as you see fit.


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