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You've asked for it and our team has listened. The newest offering from our team is FilesAnywhere Lite.  Lite is a slimmed down and more easy to use interface for the modern user.

Note: This newest interface is only available for Professional and Enterprise accounts.

The Design


The first thing you'll notice is that virtually everything you need is right at your fingertips.  We've worked hard to reduce the clutter of our previous interface and have provided a fully responsive and more intuitive version of FilesAnywhere.


The Interface

At the top left of the screen...


1) You have ready access to Uploading and Sharing documents, or Creating A New Folder.

2) You can use the breadcrumbs feature to Navigate through your account as needed.

3) You have the ability to Search your account contents.


At the top right of the screen...


1) By selecting the My Documents (folder icon), you have access to My Documents where all your data is displayed.

2) By selecting the Activity Log (bell icon), you can inspect your Activity Log.  It even comes with a counter for any new activities that you haven't reviewed yet.

3) By selecting your Profile (name, avatar, or down arrow icon), you have access to:

  • Edit your Profile Information
  • Change your Account Security (Password & Multi-Factor Authentication settings)
  • Set your FileShare/FileRecieve Defaults
  • Manage your FileShare/FileReceive Existing Links
  • Logout of your account

4) By selecting Switch To (arrows icon), you can switch to the Advanced User Interface and/or the Admin Console if you have an administrator account of the same username.

5) By selecting Log Out (power icon), you can log out of your account.

6) This is your Storage Indicator.  It gives you a graphical representation of how much storage is being used.

7) The Page Navigation tool will allow you to flip through multiple pages of data with ease.


On the left of My Documents...


1) You can Multi-Select the items on the page using the checkbox or you can Sort items by Name, Type, Date, or Size by clicking on the respective sorting type.

2) You can Select, Rename, or Delete items.

3) You can also add Comments & Tags where appropriate.

4) The date/time represents the last time the item was Modified/Uploaded and the Size of the item are displayed where applicable.


On the right of My Documents...


1) By selecting the Share icon, you can set up a FileShare, GroupShare, or FileRecieve where applicable.

2) By selecting the Download icon, you can download files to your PC.  (Note: this will not work in iOS mobile devices)

3) By selecting the Copy icon, you can create a copy of the files/folders selected within your account.

4) By selecting the Move icon, you can move data from one location to another within your account.

5) By selecting the Notification icon, you can decide what email notifications should be active for a particular folder.  (Note: Email notifications can only be set on folders.)

6) By selecting the Properties icon, you can see the details on a folder or file.  You can also preview files from this panel.


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