How to correct a PowerPoint document's orientation so it does not rotate or become cut off in Preview

If you want a PowerPoint presentation to display horizontally instead of vertically, or to display all of the content without being cut off when you preview it, follow the instructions below.


PowerPoint, by default, is in landscape view.  Since our previewer defaults to portrait view, this is why the document is being rotated or content is being cut off.


In order to resolve this, you'll need to make some changes to the PowerPoint document before uploading it.
1) Open the PowerPoint document.

2) Click on the Design tab.

3) On the far right, click on Slide Size, then select Custom Slide Size.

4) Then change the slides orientation to Portrait.

5) You will be prompted with a dialog box.  Select Ensure Fit.

6) This will change your orientation and force items that were too wide to fit on the page.

7) You'll likely need to go back through and adjust some items accordingly once the document is in portrait view.

Note: Once you have made the changes, make sure you change the file name slightly before uploading.  This will ensure that your document is rendered anew once uploaded instead of pulling from the old cached version.

Microsoft Office article that the fix is referenced from.


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