Admin Console - Set the branding and color theme for your site

In order to customize your site, just follow these steps below:

  • Log into your Admin Console.
  • Click on the Site Configuration tab at the top of the screen.
  •  On the left, select User View Settings
  • On the right, you will see several items.  However, for the purposes of this article, we will focus on the top and bottom items of this section.
  • At the top, you will notice this is where you can upload your company logo and change your company's name.
    • Logos should be 300 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.  Transparency is supported, so it is recommended to use PNG's when updating your logo.
    • The logo uploaded here will apply to the following locations on your site:
      • Admin Console login page
      • Admin Console interface
      • User Portal login page
      • User Portal interface
      • FileShare links
      • FileReceive links
      • Account emails and notifications
      • eForm submission PDF's
    • The company name field will affect the browser tab display and anywhere else the company name is referenced, such as account emails and notifications.
  • At the bottom, you will find the site themes section.  From here, you will be able to select a color theme for your User & Admin sites.
  • When you are finished making your changes, please remember to save your settings.


Still Have Questions?

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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