How to Create FileShare links with the Outlook Add-In

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With the Outlook Add-In, you can send FileShare links directly from Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on the Send Files add-in button.
  3.  Once the Outlook Add-In pulls up, enter your account details or login with your SSO credentials.
    • Enter your Username
    • Enter your Password
    • If you have a Professional/Enterprise account, be sure to click on Set Default on the left and enter your Client ID.
  4. Once you've entered your account details, check the remember options and press the Login button.
  5. You will be taken to the Outlook Add-In interface.
  6. From here you can add files or folders with the buttons on the right.  These are files on your local computer that you wish to upload and share with FilesAnywhere.
  7. You can also set a password on your soon to be generated FileShare link by entering it in the text box on the bottom right.
  8. Once you select the files/folders for upload.  An upload button will appear on the right.
  9. Press the Upload Now button and the Outlook Add-In will being the upload process.
  10. During this time, you will see a progress bar like the following.
  11. Once the data has been uploaded, the Outlook Add-In will open a new message and place the newly generated FileShare link in the Email Message.
  12. Now you can send your FileShare link to your recipients. 


Click here to download the Outlook Add-In.


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